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Free live horny chat. Eve had a wonderful way of kissing, and I adored feeling her holding my naked, slippery bottom.

I moaned into her mouth with pleasure, and my hands came up to caress her sweet breasts, slick against mine. Then Cindy took her place in my arms, and I thought, ‘Getting to kiss them is a pretty easy initiation.’

It was then that I felt the hard thing between Cindy’s legs bouncing against my thigh. “What the fuck….” I said, and looked down in horror to see that Cindy had this gigantic dick between her legs, and a strap around her waist securing the thing. “What the hell is that?” I squeaked, and Cindy took her hand and hefted what turned out to be a 14″, and thick, double headed dildo, 7″ of it sticking out in front of her, and 7″ buried in her tight Caribbean cooze.

“This would be half of your initiation, young girl,” she said, smiling. “If it is a place on the team you are desiring, that is.” I looked at the monster cock between her legs, and it looked as though it were the size of a baseball bat.

You want to put that up inside me?” I said, doubtfully.

“That is the traditional place for it, yes,” she said. Free live horny chat.

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Webcam ero chat.

Cindy and Eve actually showed me different things that I could do to improve my moves, but we all seemed to keep banging into each other, Cindy’s sweet tits pressing against me, her nipples stiffly erect, her hairy bush rubbing into my ass, or Eve’s slick gash slipping on the outside of my thigh as she, quite literally, ‘rode my hip.’ Sweat was running down our bodies after a half hour of this, all of our nerve endings jangled with sexual tension as we could smell, and see each other‘s soaking wet muffs, and could even taste pussy, as happened in the last play of this extemporaneous practice, as Cindy drove on me under the basket, trying to lay the ball in, and me trying to defend against her. Webcam ero chat.

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Porn video chat without register and credits. Eve’s bald pussy was gleaming under the gym’s halogen lights, and Cindy‘s brown bush was proud and prominent.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Eve’s pink pussy lips, or Cindy’s humongous tits. Now all each of us was wearing, were a pair of basketball shoes and white athletic socks.

Other than that, we were completely naked, and dripping with sweat.

“Alright, young girl,” Cindy said, bouncing the ball out to me at the free throw line. “You can practice driving to the basket now.” I looked at her strangely. Porn video chat without register and credits.

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Sexs free video chat. Cindy then hooked her fingers in the waistband of Melody’s bikini panties, and slid them down to mid thigh on Melody‘s legs.

Melody had a nice, trimmed black bush above her wet little slit, which was nice and pink inside, and shining with her wetness.

Melody returned the favor, sliding her fingers under Cindy’s panties, under her skirt, and cupping Cindy’s pussy in the palm of her hand. Sexs free video chat.

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Chatting nacked without registration. Their faces got closer, and before anybody else knew what was happening, they were kissing.

Oh, it was sweet. Melody’s full pink lips, and Cindy’s pink lips together, grinding, and from looking at their cheeks, it looked like they were frenching each other too.

God! I was getting really wet now!

Then Melody‘s hands went right under Cindy’s skirt, and now SHE was rubbing Cindy’s fine round ass, while Cindy continued to feel up Melody. Chatting nacked without registration.

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Adultcamchat. Would it be alright with you then, if we should continue to practice here, and make her better?”

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Coach smiled, and said, “Sure thing, Cindy.

I think you certainly could help Emily with her moves. I’ll lock the doors from the outside so that you’re not disturbed, and you can concentrate on the fundamentals.” Still smiling, she walked off, leaving me alone with Cindy, the Caribbean beauty, and Eve, the blonde with the bald pussy. Adultcamchat.

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