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When they were finished talking and it was time for Brandon to leave, Bob quickly filled out the invitation and handed it back to Brandon.

Do me a favor, give this to Katy.” Bob said.

Brandon looked at the card and saw that he had accepted and said, “Since you accepted, I have to ask or Katy will kill me.” Bob looked at him odd having seen Katy in the pictures and Brandon said, “Hey, she’s small, but feisty.”

“I’ll take your word for it, what did you need?”

“Since you’re coming will you consider it walking Ashley down the aisle? Free no sign up gay chat.

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Live sexi chatroom free com. Wesson,” Brandon said, “your daughter’s wedding to be more specific.”

Ashley‘s getting married?” Robert said and looking up from the invitation he added, “To whom?”

Brandon took a deep breath and said, “To me sir, I’m your daughter’s fiance.”

Robert took a quick appraisal of him then realizing something said, “So you’re the one those buggers from Carthington have been in a snit about.”

Brandon felt his cheeks burn a bit in embarrassment and said, “Yes, well, I imagine they would be after I rather lost my cool in my one and only meeting with Sam Carthington. Live sexi chatroom free com.

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Sex chat anonymouse. She’s a smart girl, if she’s okay with it then so am I.” then after a pause he said, “Besides anyone who cares enough about my little girl to tell off Carthington the way you did is okay in my book.

You love her?” Brandon nodded and Bob said, “Just one request, though son, promise me you’ll take care of her and you’ll never hurt her?”

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Brandon nodded and said, “Of course.”

Then the matter is settled. Sex chat anonymouse.

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Chat and masterbate. He tried to bribe me with two million dollars, and I told him to go to hell and take his precious money with him.”

Robert was taken aback a this and said, “Really?!

Well that would do it, but serves the bastard right! I wish I had been there for that!” Then after a beat of reflection he said, “I’m sorry where are my manners, come in please, the place is a mess so watch your step.”

Robert showed Brandon in and directed him to and open couch before offering him a beer which Brandon accepted. Chat and masterbate.

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Katy giggled and said, “Well then Brandon the baby would be a bit earlier than expected, it might have caused a bit of explaining at the wedding, but the results would be the same.”

Then Brandon nodded saying, “Because I would be the only one who could cause the ‘accident’ as any other guy would have been castrated before he got a chance.”

“Exactly, you know me too well Brandon.” Mel said with a smile before getting serious and asking, “So what do you say, you ready to make me a mom next week?”

Brandon nodded and said, “Yeah as long as we work out a way that I get to be in the kid’s life.”

“Brandon…” Katy broke in nervously, but he would not be denied.

“No Katy, I mean it.” He said interrupting, “Just because this child will have two amazing parents, which in my opinion it will,” both ladies smiled at this and he continued. “Does not mean it does not deserve a father, or rather father figure, in its life as well. Chat porno broadcast.

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Online erotic webcam. The plan was to have Katy get Mel started and Brandon would join in later.

After a while he and Ashley went in to find a naked Mel thrashing on the bed as Katy’s talented tongue worked over the redhead’s pussy. He and Ashley watched as Mel came.

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As Brandon watched Mel cry out in pleasure and thrash around, Ashley moved behind him.

“That’s your cue darling,” she whispered in his ear. “Time to become a daddy.” She then gave his ass a gentle tap and Brandon moved toward the pair on the bed removing his clothing as he approached. Online erotic webcam.

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